'Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence'.

Vince Lombardi

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Committed to Excellence

Elysian Designs is a small, but ever-expanding business located close to the heart of the City of Lincoln. We specialise in crafting imaginative, beautiful and unique items tailored to our clients' wishes. Among others, this includes resin river tables, custom made poker tables, concept tables, resin decor and resin art.

Working from our newly acquired workshop/studio/showroom every product we make is crafted and finished, totally, by hand.


We source locally whenever possible and have access to incredibly good hardwood suppliers from whom we obtain our timber. We only utilise the best resins, tints and metallic pigments available on the market, which we source from the original penny floor resin supplier Glasscast.

No project is too big or 'off the wall' for us to consider... from a coffee bean lounge table to a 'Jelly Babies' door we can make it happen.

The majority of our orders are commission-based but we do have pieces for sale from the stock available from our shop.

What do we do?

At Elysian Designs we strive to make our customers' imaginations a reality.....

Whether it's a 10' river table with jelly beans in it for a conference room, a coffee table with real coffee beans floating down it and actually smelling of coffee for your lounge, or an individualised custom made poker table for your man cave, if you can imagine it, we'll make it something you can touch.

What is epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin is a reactive polymer, which when mixed with a suitable hardening agent causes a thermosetting reaction. Elysian Designs utilise the very best resins available for our projects, giving us superior clarity, UV and scratch resistance.

What do we produce?

Whatever you want!! (if it is possible). Tables, doors, art, designer lighting, anything...... Any size, any shape, pick your colour, your preferred choice of timber (if it's a river table) and we'll source it for you, send you photos of what we found/designed, you then choose your pieces and 3-4 weeks later we will deliver your totally unique piece of design.

What exactly is a 'river table'?

A river table is the same as a 'live edge' table. It is, basically, a number of pieces of timber, which still have one, or more, natural edges, which when placed in a custom made mould, with a separating gap between each piece, and the space between the timber pieces filled with a resin.

What is a 'custom poker table'?

If you are a poker player, hopefully, you'll have won one or two hands that stick in your memory.....do you remember your greatest ever? Let us know what it was and we'll recreate it for you. The hand cards, flop, turn, and river cards....even the chip count if you can remember it. We can immortalise your greatest poker victory, in a poker table, for all time!

What is a 'concept table'?

A concept table ​is a table designed and created around an 'off the wall' idea. We can create a table, or anything else for that matter, based on a theme you provide. We will discuss with you possible options, based on what you desire, and create a sample. If it's what you want, specify what size and shape and we'll make it for you.

What is 'resin art'?

Resin art is artwork produced either solely, or only partially, from epoxy art resin. At Elysian Designs studio we use a multitude of techniques using a plethora of mediums. Forever experimenting with new styles keeps are artwork individual, fresh and exciting.

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