Concept Tables

Jelly babies, coins, nuts & bolts, flags, your toenail clippings collection (not), footprints, Lego, wax crayons, dried pasta, marbles, whatever it is you love..... we can incorporate almost anything (must be dry) you can think of into one of our epoxy resin concept tables.

The market is flooded with cheap, mass-produced, substandard furniture. Elysian Designs is different, specialising in creating beautifully handcrafted, hand-finished pieces. Our emphasis is on quality, service and the customer. 

Using various moulding, art and design techniques and utilising the best epoxy resins, pigments and metallics available from our supplier, Glasscast, we can take your ideas and create you something truly unique. 

Different base options are available for all of our tables, even for those in our shop. We can show you various designs to choose from or create one to your exact specification. We will happily consider all commissioned ideas brought to us and will gladly give you advice and a free, no-obligation quote.


Any size, shape or style...Just call us for more info or fill out our contact form and we will get back in touch with you exactly how and when you prefer.

The 'Floating' Table

Elysian Designs present The 'Floating' Table. A hybrid river/concept table, but amazing all the same. An English Yew and blue tinted resin top float above what appear to be just balancing frames!!!

The 'Ocean' Table

Close up of the waves breaking gently on the beach. Real sand and some awesome techniques make this a one off masterpiece.

Elysian Designs Ocean concept table

An awesome coffee/lounge table. Sat an a puzzle base this depiction of a tropical ocean lapping onto a sandy beach is mind blowing!!