Poker Tables

What was the most memorable poker win you've ever had?? The all-time greatest ever blindside you've sprung?! Recall how many players? The final pot value? 

What if you could have a custom poker table, which appears to be a snapshot of that win....all aspects frozen in time. The 'flop', 'turn' & 'river' cards all present, opponents' hand cards, everything, even the chip count!!

Any size, shape or thickness. Choose your preferred style of base, the timber type and layout. We can create it for you, just the way you want it.

The custom poker table is a cross between a river table and a concept table basically. The piece is constructed using the same processes to a degree but, obviously, dependant on the actual poker project certain art aspects can come into play

All our tables come finished with two clear coats of epoxy resin for maximum lustre and durability. This makes your purchase not only tough but infinitely repairable (surface coating only) should any accidental damage occur over time.

Handcrafted, individual & unique. Call us now for more details.

Elysian Designs 'River' table

The ultimate boys toy. Handmade and finished this live edge river table is just what your man cave is missing.

Custom poker table

English Yew combined with super clear epoxy resin, cards, poker chips and a little know-how make this 'river' table something else!

Close up of the 'River' table

The 'river' card in our custom made poker table.

The 'River' table

Close up shot illustrating the clarity Elysian Designs can achieve. The poker chips have been meticulously set to give a sense of motion.

Live edge table

We can immortalise your greatest ever victory in a custom poker table just like this!

Pocket cards

Close up of one of the four players pocket cards in the poker table available to buy from our shop.