• Adam Whiting

Apologies, and more apologies...

We are so sorry for being absent for such a long time. But, we do have an excuse and images to back it up. Lol.

Firstly, Elysian Designs are proud to announce our first public showing at the Newark Festive Gift & Food Show on the 26-27th October 2019, and we are therefore creating some very special artwork and furniture for the event. 'Autumn Brook' images below. We would be so pleased if you could find the time to come and see us as it promises to be a fantastic family event and we would like to amaze you and your children.

Secondly, and possibly foremost, is the official and first announcement of our imminent move to our new premises into the City of Lincoln, where within time, we will have a bigger and better workshop and studio, but most excitingly, a showroom complex comprising a showcase living space (which we will utilise as a comfortable reception area), kitchenette, and a WC/washroom. All areas, even down to the internal doors, will demonstrate the absolute beauty, benefits and sheer delight of having real wood combined with amazing ingenuity & talent in your living space.

Please share and thank-you all.


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