• Adam Whiting

New Week, New Projects

Good evening everybody,

We hope you're all well and ready for the bank holiday's been a busy week at Elysian Designs with 2 new projects underway.

We are in the process of designing a concept/river table for the amazing charity 'Band Of Builders'. It's still a little in the design stage but is progressing nicely. (Photos coming later)

Elysian Designs has very strong ties to the building trade and the work these guys do, giving up their own time, for no pay, so that less fortunate individuals can have a better quality of life deserves our very best efforts. Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for more developments.

Our second project is based on the logo of another awesome charity, St Barnabas Hospice. Another concept table, along the lines of our 'Ocean' table, will be the essence of this rather poignant piece. A hand-carved heart, half exposed in the sand, by a gentle and warm lapping tide, softly wrapping around it could truly capture, what we hope, is the essence of the care and calmness this remarkable institute provides for those most in need of it.

St Barnabos Logo, Concept Table, Elysian Designs
The Premise

St Barnabos table, ocean table, concept table,Elysian Designs
Birth of an idea

Elysian Designs concept table for St Barnabos
Hand-carved heart

Heart, Elysian Designs concept table, St Barnabos charity
Buried treasure?

Elysian Designs Concept charity table for St Barnabos
Keep Watching...!!

Please follow our story as we strive to make both of these endeavours worthy of the causes they will hopefully help benefit.


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