River Tables

Elysian Designs can create, for you, a unique and completely individualised river table. Any size, various wood types to choose from and any colour you wish...


Firstly, it's not just river tables we create. We can design and craft interior doors, specialised cupboard doors, kitchen island worktops & more....anything is possible.

If it's a river table you want, firstly, we need 'live edge' timber. We will help you establish which type you prefer, or just go with the colour of the wood, if that is the most important aspect of your custom made project.

The majority of our epoxy resin river tables are cast in a custom mould, made from polypropylene (for a cleaner finish and easy release at the end) to the required size. 

Once the mould is made and the timber sourced and sized, it just leaves the colour/tint to be decided on. We can match pretty much any colour and mix it with the epoxy resin and to your chosen degree of transparency. Elysian Designs can offer you a choice from a standard colour palette, neons, fluorescents or nano mica pigments for an awesome metallic colour.

Different processes apply according to the type and style of item desired, but, we ensure every step is stringently controlled and overseen. If you have an idea get in touch and we'll see if we can make it happen...


Please call Elysian Designs for details.

The 'Coffee' Table

Elysian Designs 'Coffee' table is a live edge river table with real coffee beans floating down the river. The river has a coffee coloured current swirling along with the beans making this something very special.

Live Edge Resin River Table

A commissioned river table top for a truly lovely customer created to compliment the accent colour of their range cooker's doors, cranberry.

The 'Grave' Table

This is the 'Grave' table. The piece of Yew used for this beautiful table carries the actual 'fell' cut that toppled this giant. The picture also shows the exposed roots that grew above ground.

Elysian Designs 'Floating' table

Crafted from blue tinted resin and English Yew with Walnut tenons in the leg frames this is a river table to behold. Clever use of epoxy resin makes this live edge table something unique.

Custom Poker Table

An amazing river table. Featuring four players, all the cards, chips visible except the critical 'river' card. What could it be?

Geometric Oak base

One of Elysian Design's custom made bases in oak for the 'Coffee' table II. This one boasts a sneaky coffee bean in a natural knot hole in one leg.